3d rendering. Fur coat for the surface. Woolen flooring.

Replacing or updating your floors requires your attention and an honest conversation with yourself about your tastes and personality. Luckily, new technology awards us the opportunity to decide between natural materials or manufactured options that offer many finishes and looks. Choosing among various colors, shapes, and textures may seem overwhelming. In 2022 home decoration trends invite the placement of complementing designs to bring an updated and cohesive look to your home. Don’t be shy about exploring new options and letting yourself think outside the box, and embrace modern materials. Be on the lookout for some of the trends listed below and dare to try them out.

Wood Floors with a Twist

Smoked Hardwood

Wood floors are a favorite among many homeowners and are suitable for sleek and modern spaces as well as farmhouse and rustic. This year traditional staining gives way to smoked hardwood, which provides each plank with a deep color without staining it. Natural knots in the lumber and its grain are visible with this technique consisting of a professional team’s treatment of wood with ammonia. Although your floors will look cohesive, no individual piece will be identical.  

Bleached Floors

In contrast, some homeowners opt for bleached wood floors to attain a lighter version of the wood. Following a bleaching process, the surface looks ashen without erasing the visible marks of natural wood. In some cases, you can achieve this look by bleaching your existing floors, but it can be an expensive process. If the bleached look is what you are looking for, compare the cost of bleaching vs. full replacement.

Weathered and Beautiful

If you feel like your wood floors have seen better days, consider that some people pay to achieve that worn and vintage look in their homes. Techniques to deepen the signs of traffic and age imitate the natural flaws and character that time bestows upon hardwood floors. Minimizing shining surfaces and highlighting natural imperfections is an attractive option for many homes.

Dare to Try a Pattern

The introduction of designs and prints is also an invitation to add a unique look to your living areas or kitchen. Dare to dream about patterns like herringbone that go beyond the traditional layout of a wood floor. Do not be shy about introducing them in utilitarian spaces, just like you would in a formal dining room. The unexpected pattern and look are sure to become a conversation starter.

Tiles for All Styles

When you start looking into tiles for your home, you will realize that there are countless options and combinations and that the only limitation is your taste. Some of the most common design directions for 2022 include:

Black and White

Sleek, chic, and sophisticated, vintage and modern black and white tiles add a luxurious feel to your home. You can find them in contrasting patterns that work in unison to give a unique look to your house and become the connection between vintage and modern.

Large and Small Tiles

Designers have introduced tiles of varying sizes that work well individually and also work together to form larger patterns in a room. You can find unexpected shapes and colors coming together for a uniquely yours look. Many designs work in big spaces and small ones such as bathrooms; all you need to do is take a leap and try.

Keep it Simple

If you are not adventurous or want a more timeless look, there are many new materials and options in neutral tones. Sustainable options are becoming more popular in designs that project the outdoors into your home. If your style is more subdued, there are plenty of options for you.

Changing your floors can make your home look like a brand-new place. In 2022 there are many options for remodelers and builders; all you need to do is narrow down your tastes and take your time to explore.

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