Aged reclaimed wood

New furniture or a fresh coat of paint are good ways to freshen up a room, but changing the flooring is the way to go to upgrade the look of the decor. Here are some floor covering looks that will bring a dated room into the present and carry it in style into the future.

Hardwood Remains at the Forefront of Style

Hardwood floorboards are an excellent choice for maximum durability and the gorgeous look of different wood grains. Sturdy oak, maple, and the deep hues of cherry add richness to any room. Light oak flooring remains one of the top choices among homeowners for flooring that matches most decor styles and is low maintenance. 

Rustic Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

For homeowners that do not want to invest in the cost of using new hardwood floorboards and want to be eco-friendly without using cork or bamboo, reclaimed boards can offer gorgeous looks at a much lower investment. One of the biggest pros of this choice is finding wood species that are not widely available in the marketplace; the main downside is that the boards often need to be refitted for installation. 

Forget the Wood. Go for Concrete

A floor made from concrete does not have to look like the interior of a warehouse. In the present, concrete is available in a multitude of textures, colors, and finishes that lend a unique aspect to any room. A very economical choice and durable with low maintenance needed to keep the floor looking new. 

Marble Makes a Comeback

In most people’s minds, marble equals elegance. When used in an entryway or bathroom, this flooring can elevate a mediocre bathroom into having the look and feel of a spa. 

Budget-Friendly Flooring Does Not Have to Look It

A homeowner on a tight renovation budget does not have to settle for a less-than-awesome floor covering. Rigid-core vinyl is a very popular choice. This flooring comes in planks as well as tiles. Bonus for the kitchen or bathroom, this material is waterproof and easy to keep clean. Another frequently chosen option is luxury vinyl tile. It has many of the same qualities as rigid-core vinyl flooring and comes in a huge array of finishes and styles to match every taste. 

Sustainable Choices Continue in Popularity

Using eco-friendly wood species such as fast-growing bamboo or cork continues to rise as a flooring choice. Cork has a warm, earthy look; as a bonus, it has thermal properties that give a warm feeling when walking upon it. This lightweight flooring choice also is as durable as traditional hardwood. Bamboo has double the strength of oak and comes in a large selection of hues, plank lengths, and widths. 

With so many flooring choices, it helps to have experts to assist you in making the best choice for your home. Talk to the pros at National Flooring Center about your goals for the flooring in your home.