The process of house renovation with changing of the floor from carpets to solid oak wood. Beautiful golden handscraped oiled European oak brushed for added texture and fine definition of wood grain

It seems as though hardwood flooring rarely falters as a favorite choice for many homeowners. Many other products will try to mimic the beautiful look of hardwood, but alternatives like laminate, porcelain, and vinyl rarely compare to the real thing… Natural, stunning wood.

Not only is hardwood sustainable and earthy, but this is a classic, warm look that can last in a home for over a century with proper care. Property owners can change the coloration and finish of their hardwood flooring to stay up with design trends. You can also create a homey, cozy look for any living space. To top it off, you also have a notable increase in home value, which is why many people choose hardwood floors.

Your flooring is the foundation for your home, regardless of the material. Therefore, you must research your options and look into the proper installation to give you lasting results you can be happy with. We have put together some of the trends to keep an eye on in 2023 if you think of going the hardwood route.

  • Dynamic Pattern Parquet – From classic to modern, patterns play a significant role when bringing your unique personality to your living space. Parquet flooring with multiple designs is a hot option right now. Notable brands include Parador (Germany) and Grato (Spain).
  • Large Format Installations – Planks with a broader spread are now becoming popular in many interior design projects. There are several benefits to such a wood floor installation, including increased durability and stability.
  • Tones of Cream, Honey, and White – Push aside the dark colors in 2023 and go with lighter, warm colors – many available in engineered wood formats. Popular shades like white, honey, and cream are now getting the limelight in houses, luxury apartments, and a host of commercial venues.

Don’t Shy Away from Color Changes in 2023

Nature and light remain popular in the new year, including whitewash, grays, natural, and transparent. If you had colored flooring or went the dark route, it might be time to brighten it up. However, depending on the rest of your interior and other changes, walnut brown is a trending flooring color that works well throughout the years if you are looking for a lasting installation.

Finish and Texture in the Forefront

Matte and satin finishes are starting to pick up steam, while semi-gloss and gloss wood flooring is becoming outdated. Homeowners are taking notes of smooth finishes being harder to clean and showing off a lot of dirt and dust. Opting for a low gloss makes it easier to maintain while adding the stylish touch you want for your space.

Remember that you can choose between solid wood and engineered installations when looking into hardwood. Engineered remains practical for hot weather climates and can easily get installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and even basements.

The takeaway? There are plenty of flooring options to pick from in 2023, so now is the time to go rustic or minimalist while opting for sustainability and style.